Sunday, August 26, 2007

Planning Parties and the GTD Princess

You know how kids pick up on every little nuance of their parent's behavior?

Aee has been having "tea parties" and "planning parties". Planning parties? Where did she get that term? She doesn't watch modern media and I am fairly sure none of her friends would think of having a "planning party".

Did she get it from me, the compulsive list-maker, schedule fine-tuner, the GTD queen? Has she become a GTD princess? Is this a good or bad thing?

I asked her, "What do you do at a planning party?"

"We write things down and talk about them!" (bouncy glee)

"Is the planning part fun?"

"Duh!" (said in a tone only used by siblings of teenagers) "But it is hard work you know."

"Really?" (pausing) "But it's fun?"

"Yeah! We write things down and then we get to do them. We put the thing we like most at the top and we do that first! It's im-por-tante." (hard to capture that in print)

So, we have a little planning party and I realize that she has mastered prioritization and scheduling. She knows well how to identify what she wants most.

Now if only I could get her to be more kind to her brother. =/