Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The distance between Point A and Point B

I love my husband. He has such clear sight. In his eyes, there are no obsctructions between Point A and Point B. If I ask him something outlandish, he gives a simple answer; if I ask him something simple, he still gives a simple answer. Simple.

I could ask him, "Let's move to Shang'hai" and he would respond with the same simplicity as if I had asked, "Please pass the ketchup."

Both replies are, "Sure."

He is so concise, so articulately clean, such a to-the-point type of person (a skill I obviously lack). It is refreshing to see how quickly he can cut through the crud and define the parameters of any given situation.

For example, today I wanted to know if he could chat safely through IM. I had a few "family matters" I didn't want aired in front of co-workers, questions I can usually ask him safely through IM. But, my dearest has just been moved from his own office to a sea of cubicles.

Poor guy. I'm sure he would rather be home in his pjs or bathrobe, listening to his favorite music, arranging his environment the way he likes it.

Instead, he gets a sea of cubicles and a button-down shirt. At least he gets to wear jeans, but the jeans are a minor form of rebellion.

I had no idea if his cubicle-mates could see his screen or not. How good were the boundaries set in this new location? Would his chat screen be visible to others?

Here's the IM conversation:

filly-filly-focus says:
you there?

E @ Work says:

filly-filly-focus says:
are you visible / public?

E @ Work says:
not the chat

E @ Work says:
but I do have to keep my pants on

filly-filly-focus says: