Thursday, January 17, 2008


You know that surge of accomplishment that comes when you give that last 10%? Well, I tried it yesterday and it worked.

I had been feeling yucky, mucky, blucky, incredibly stupid and unproductive for several days thanks to the unfortunate cocktail of sleep deprivation plus intense back pains.

So, yesterday when I had a horribly difficult phone call to make and I didn't want to (no! don't make me!) I did it anyway and I survived.

Later, when a big wig offered me either a phone call or an in-office visit in SF, I shoved out the hesitation and said, "Office!" and zoom, I was out the door.

Later, when Jee and Aee had sibling "disagreement" (read: "fight") I dug right in and helped them work through it, not just brush over it. Painful, but worthwhile, growth.

(Skip a big part of the day)

Later that night, Kee said, "Let's go on a quick run," I found myself saying, "Let's go!"


I have barely been able to walk the last few days! When I stand up, I look like I have advanced osteoporosis. My back has been screeee-aaaming like a two year old for days, yet when my teenager asks me to go on a run, I say, "Let's go!"

What an idiot.

We start out with a brisk walk, then a jog, then before I know it, my back feels great and we're racing. He started the final sprint home a full block early. (Since the sprint is only one block long, adding a 2nd block is a Big Fat Hairy Deal.)

The end result? I felt slightly less like a loser when my head hit the pillow since I had taken advantage of opportunity that day. I slept like a baby, without the weight regret that I often carry.

What a brain pretzel -- working harder makes it easier. I really shouldn't try to think this hard.