Saturday, January 26, 2008

First words

Sometimes I marvel at the first words that I hear every morning. I wonder if all people hear such things when they wake up?

This morning, I woke up at 4 am, fully alert and feeling the pressure of paperwork I hadn't finished the night before. I got settled into my desk and started spinning like some secretarial gerbil. An hour later, about 5 am, I heard a sloppy pitter-putter down the hallway. My littlest wandered out: "Lucia kicked me awake."

A few minutes later, Jee wandered out, all bushy-headed: "I want to make worms!"

Kee enters the scene a bit later: "Your face...."

Vee's turn another 1/2 hr later, giving me a fluffy grin, "Meh."

I had just read the night before about how the first words, thoughts, actions of the day can have a powerful agenda-setting effect on the rest of the day. I put those together and wondered... "Lucia kicked me awake; I want to make worms; your face...; meh."

Wow, it's going to be an interesting day (and it was).

First, "Lucia" was the name of Aee's friend and she was over last night for Aee's first sleepover. Despite having a bunk bed, they both wanted to sleep on the same "level" so they slept foot-to-foot, thus the "kicking me awake".

"Worms" are a crocheted bit of string. Jee just learned how to crochet from his papa and the strips of crocheted yarn look like worms, so of course, he must make lots of them.

"Your face..." is a joking, jostling sort of expression that Kee uses often, interchangeable with "Ton visage..."

"Meh," is Vee's universal, non-commital, non-judgemental, non-anything response to everything.

I wonder what my first words were this morning? My first unspoken words were, "Oh crud, am I waking up? Please don't wake up; please don't wake up. Slow the breathing down s-l-o-w. Straighten out all comfy-like. Feel that peaceful pillo... Oh crud, I'm awake. Might as well get some work done."

My first spoken words were, "Good morning sweetheart!" when I saw my child and yes, it was a good morning.