Monday, January 21, 2008

Sleep puking

There are two types of delusional parents -- those who think their children are perfect and those who think theirs are the only ones who are "this weird".

I am in the latter group.

The first time Vee ever puked was in the car. He said, "I'm gonna barf!" then held his mouth shut until I :

* pulled the car over

* found a good box to catch it in

* climbed back to his carseat in the back seat of the minivan.

He held his puke until I could catch it neatly.

That's weird.

His younger brother Kee, saw all this in action and thought that it was perfectly normal for a child to hold it until there was a safe catching receptical available.

Weird too.

Jee never saw someone puke, so he assumed that people did it in private. I have never seen him puke. He disappears into the bathroom and does it privately, very much like a cat or some other privacy-driven animal. If he's sick, he keeps it to himself.

And if I thought it could get more weird, Aee sleep pukes. (see previous post below)

I didn't even know there was such a thing.