Monday, January 28, 2008

What was I thinking?

If I was blogging accurately, giving a fully authentic view of the everyday, then nearly every blog post would begin with "What was I thinking??"

Today's WWIT began with my wishful dream of having a good work day alongside my children, while they played with friends, did projects, and traveled along their own little roads less traveled. The kids all have a day off school due to a district-wide teacher training workshop thing-a-ma-jig and so throughout Berkeley there are children everywhere wondering what happened to their Daily Routine.

My two youngest had playdates lined up; my two eldest had work projects, home projects, and a tournament downtown in the afternoon. Momma thought she could run-run a bit and keep a beautiful flow to the day. What was I thinking? Sonic the hedgehog himself couldn't keep up withe these kids today.

Jee spent all of 20 min at his playdate when the family had an emergency and I had to rush to pick him up, acquiring yet another child along the way. Aee never did get a playdate lined up. All her preferred friends are at camps, other schools, or various drop-off spots since most parent's work schedules are not as carefree as that of their children. Vee and Kee are doing an amazing job at their own respective work, but still. They are loud. They are stinky. But, they are currently regrouting the tub, so I shan't complain.

Sometimes I have a skipping-through-the-tulips view of what mothering should be like. Ha.

Mothering is full of stink, mess, and heartache, but the pay-off is worth every minute of it.