Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Our little family is psyched about an upcoming vacation with Grandma & Grandpa. They booked a beach house rental in No Cal so we can play in the sand for a while.

I was unofficially announcing it during dinner the other night and Aee's little eyes opened so wide. Her mouth was overstuffed with more sticky rice than a wee little mouth should be able to hold, so she couldn't say anything. Instead, she got up, made her way around, under, over, and through the mess of table, chairs, and people so she could near me, then in my ear (getting sticky in my hair) she whispered, "I LOVE SAND" in the most mystical, wishful voice.

I think we're going to have fun.

The first time Aee saw a beach was on Galveston beach in S Texas. The beach was miles & miles of white sand, but it was a little chilly. Aee shook uncontrollably so we tried to cover her up and it just made her shake more. We took her back to the car to warm up and she shook more. She screamed when we tried to warm her up.


Can you guess?

She shook because she was so excited about being in the sand. It was her home. She was a beach baby like her papa. The shaking had nothing to do with body temp and everything to do with enthusiasm levels.

So, is there anything that you shake for? I have seen friends get shaky like that while out shopping. I know I got shaky the other day when I saw a pair of boots that were apparently designed specifically for me.

I was trying to relate this to my beloved a few minutes ago, the concept of the shakes. I explained, "Imagine you were standing in front of the coolest, latest, pre-release piece of hardware. Would you have a reaction to it?" He nodded and laughed, "Oh yeah."

That's the same way little miss Aee feels when standing in front of the waves while sand seeps between her toes. She shakes at the sheer beauty and power of the ocean.

I hope I never forget that rice-stuffed mouth: "I LOVE SAND."

Come to think of it, she made that exact same comment the other day when I picked her up from school. She was licking the sand off her hands (had been playing in the sandbox). I told her the sand was horribly dirty, please don't eat it and she said, "But I love sand! It tastes yummy."

I sure hope it has fiber in it or something...