Saturday, January 19, 2008


Those of you who have read my blog for more than a post or two know that I try really, really hard to focus on the positive. Blogging is one way of reassuring myself that yes, there are delightful moments in every day, so much to appreciate, yadda, yadda.

So, today was awful (details deleted due to high toxicity levels).

Tonight was tough too, run, run, too much that had to get done and not enough time to do it. Top it off with Jee's reminder, "I need a present for my friend's party. Tomorrow." Since there's no time tomorrow, it must be purchased now, at past-bedtime hours, after Jee and Aee have had a looong, taxing day, after I have been drained of every last wee little bit of patience, that's the time when we have to do toy shopping? Plus, they're hungry. Did I mention they hadn't had dinner yet so we were about to enter a toy store with empty tummies? I was hoping my magical fairy godmother would take care of the requisite present shopping, but I haven't heard from her in years. I think she quit.

(More details deleted.) We survived the trip. We get home. Aee is sick to her stomach and is complaining about tummy aches. She never throws up, so I'm sure she's just overtired. We read stories for far too long, then Aee begs to go to sleep beside me while I work on my laptop. Ok, sure. I love having a snuggle-bum beside me keeping my back warm. She falls asleep fast and furious.

I work and wish that I could fall asleep with such depth. Insomnia has been my companion lately and I... (unpleasant details deleted). My back warmer has been asleep for about an hour when I hear a rushing of fluids, "Ble...a...rch!" and a hot, gush of warmth on my back.

I jumped straight up in the air, seriously, I have no idea how else I could have pole vaulted over the lumpy mess of child + puke so quickly without disturbing the covers. I think I went straight up like a cat with it's claws out.

It was possibly the most disgusting thing I have ever felt. Yet, the whole time I'm thinking, "Where's the positive? Where's the bleeping positive?!"

There were plenty:

* At least I was able to get the puke off me quickly, well within the 5 second rule boundaries: "If the puke isn't on you for more than 5 seconds, then you haven't actually been puked on."

* At least she stayed asleep through the whole thing. Sleep. Puke. Sleep. (Remind me not to smell her morning breath!)

* At least I had extra bedding and a mega thick cushy pad underneath the covers to catch it all.

* At least I had a husband who, thanks to having spent the weekend in a comfy office chair, was now very much in the "What can I do to help?" mode. I was able to leave the pile of puked-on laundry in a spot where he could clean it up later whenever he gets home.

* At least she was able to get it out, rather than the alternative tummy ache expressed through belly aching.

So, no more belly aching on my part. There's always a positive somewhere.