Sunday, January 13, 2008

Gorgeous Gratitude

So, there are two women in one of my "circles" who are both shockingly, jaw-droppingly beautiful. I just noticed a similarity between the two and I find it is probably not a coincidence that they both share this particular characteristic.

But first, let me back up. For Mrs. A, the first time I heard her talk I wondered if there was anything but fluffy bunnies and sweet flowers in her head -- she was so upbeat and positive that it was, again, shocking. The more I got to know her (you know who you are!) the more I realized that her positive attitude and focus on beauty was purely sincere and a conscious choice. She wanted the world to be a beautiful place and in many different ways, she made it happen. She had done some amazing things with her life, was highly active, alert, and in general, gushed love and appreciation.

Mrs. B was the same. I spent a few weeks wondering if she was saccharine (as I had met so many times in Stepford-land). She was enduringly sweet. I even tried once to get her to say something negative about someone, anyone. I didn't approach it blatantly, more of a see-if-she's-human approach. Sure enough, she did *not* bite. She kept her grace, sweetness, and complete compassion for everyone intact.

So, I have thought long & hard about why they have chosen to be so sweet.

I find it no coincidence that their physical beauty mirrors their focus on only the beautiful.

I also find it no coincidence that one person I knew a long time ago and in a land far away who focused only on the negative was one of the hideous people to look at. There was hatred etched in every cell.

So, back to the positive... I had a chance to see the mothers of each of these women, so that I could tell if this beauty was inherited or if it was earned.

Their beauty was earned.

So, if you see my gushing love and appreciation, know that I'm now mildly aware of what type of path that puts people on.