Friday, January 11, 2008


I was talking with a fellow parent today about kids learning Latin (along the lines of "How Latin helps kids unravel so much about their language") and the parent made a comment I hadn't heard in a while. I think it was:

"But... it would be too hard to do more than one language at a time..."

Ironic enough, but I was speechless.

I don't like being speechless.

I looked over at my little daughter and my little son and realized that thanks to their current environment, they are having simultaneous instruction in:

* English
* French
* Spanish
* Mandarin Chinese
* Latin
* German
* Italian
* Hebrew
* Swedish

The top 7 are formal instruction (sitting at a table with a teacher in front); the 8th is starting in a tutor situation in the next week; the 9th is casual instruction which they hear around the dinner table as their brothers are learning AoFs in Swedish.

One at a time?

Doh! I missed that memo. Oh well.